Tom Berger


Perceptionist Tom Berger has astounded thousands of people with his amazing mind games show called Your Thoughts Are Written All Over Your Face.

It’s an entertaining blend of mystery, humour, psychology and intuition using total audience participation. Tom dazzles the mind as he challenges his audiences to question what is real and what is unreal; what is possible and what is impossible. Radio presenter Alan Jones said he was “Just unbelievable”. The Mercury wrote, “Definitely a crowd pleaser!”

​So what is that Tom does?
For nearly 25 years Tom has studied human behaviour and how it can influence people’s decisions. He is able to determine what people are thinking and what decisions they will make purely by watching and interacting with them. Tom calls it "Speed Reading People" and now uses this phenomenal skill to wow his audiences.

​The show:
His extensive use of audience participation guarantees that you don’t just watch his presentation, you experience it. He baffles, mystifies and thoroughly entertains his audience, all the while highlighting the potential of the human mind. And you'll get glimpses into how to read people and influence their behaviour too. It’s a mini X-Files experience live on stage!