Azlan is an engaging performer to watch and listen to. Of the many notable qualities he brings to the stage is his strong foundation of percussion-oriented acoustic guitar playing. It underlies both his own songs, and a distinctively interpreted set of covers. 

A drummer before turning his attention to guitar, he now combines the two skills by building up the guitar and voice on top of a solid rhythmic foundation. He does this by tapping out the beats on the body of his guitar then looping them in to the music, along with layers of riff, rhythm, and vocal harmony.  This attention-grabbing technique combined with an enthusiastic stage presence has the effect of producing a lively and dynamic show that frequently surprises and always entertains. 

What else stands out is the variety and quality of the covers he chooses to present. He will satisfy a broad range of music lovers with a playlist that spans generations and genres. Delivered sometimes with a refreshingly up-beat tempo, then other times with a laid-back ambiance irresistible in its appeal. He does good justice to popular classics. Keeping enough of the original songs to satisfy expectations, while at the time infusing plenty of his refreshingly unique flavour into the compositions.  

Azlan’s music set’s a scene that puts listeners at ease. He creates an atmosphere that evokes beers on the beach and lazy chilled out Sunday afternoons. So consider yourself warned, involuntary foot-tapping and an occasional sing-along will be hard to resist.