Carnival Road


Carnival Road is a Canberra based musical group, focused on performing our original music compositions ~ a special blend of folk/blues/roots/alt rock.
Where the journey began...In late 2014, Anthony Ives (Ant) met Andrew Rickard at an ‘open mic’ music evening at the Fyshwick Tavern. This unlikely meeting in an unlikely locale gave birth to a musical collaboration between the two that continues to this day; it was the beginning of what we know today as Carnival Road.​

The band today...2020 saw Drummer Stephen Deakin and Guitarist Ole Nielsen join Ant and Andrew on Carnival Road, bringing a new intensity and direction to the band in the lead up to their second album. The lads are all experienced musicians, performing in many bands an have well over 50 years in the industry collectively.

Our sound...If you ask us to describe our sound, we’ll often say “It’s folk rock with an edge” …that keeps it simple, even though there are many musical elements to any one track that we write and perform. We are all into creating an atmosphere that mesmerises the audience and lifts the spirits.