Miguel Pregueiro


South African based Portuguese/Spanish singer, songwriter, Miguel Pregueiro is focused on making an international impact with his music. Former full-time soccer player turned musician, he graduated top of his class from AFDA Johannesburg where he specialised in Music Performance. His start in the music industry was nothing short of unconventional. He entered South African Idols as a dare where he sang like a chipmunk. After that he found his passion for music. Miguel’s music can be described as Pop with a prominent Latin musical influence. While he predominantly sings in English, he also adds Spanish and Portuguese to his original music.


He has been featured on platforms such as Expresso Morning Show, Trendz TV  show, Jacaranda FM  , Mix FM  , Good Hope FM  , News 24  , Yahoo UK  , and many others here in South Africa. Internationally, he has been fortunate enough to be featured on RTP Internacional (A Portuguese international TV channel)  where they covered a story of Miguel and his musical journey here in South Africa.He has had the privilege of opening for Mi Casa at a few gigs including Lusito Land and the upcoming Superbock sponsored event on the 2nd of November.  


His debut single, “Vámonos”,  was released in June of 2018 and hit the airwaves here in South Africa. “Vámonos”,  along with his follow-up releases, have been featured on radio stations in Venezuela, Spain, Canada, Brazil and many others!  His latest release titled, “My Baby Says She Loves Me”  was released on the 27th of September 2019 and it carries a heavy Spanish influence musically, the song is more emotional than anything he has released in the past.