Élvio Santiago


Portuguese singer Élvio Santiago, hailing from Duas Igrejas, has an impressive musical career spanning 12 years, including five solo albums and more than ten compilation albums featuring collaborations with many other musical artists.

From an early age he showed a special talent for singing and showmanship, captivated by the stage and singing along to his favourite artists. As he grew it became clear he had a passion for music, and so he attended music school to develop his skills in singing and dance, getting to know the world of the arts and relishing the opportunity to perform live with artists. 

His star continues to rise, culminating in his most recent album release ‘Experiences’. It is his fifth and newest album featuring 13 tracks, and as the album title suggests it narrates his life experiences through a combination of his signature laidback ballads and lively rhythms.

The album represents a sincere sharing of illusions and disappointments, loves and dismay between the performer and audience. Ballads such as ‘Não Penses Mal de Mim’ (‘Don't Think Badly of Me’), ‘A Última Carta’ (‘The Last Letter’) and ‘Tudo Mentira’ (‘All Lies’) are certain to touch the heart and soul of anyone who has suffered out of love, while other songs such as ‘Por Mais que Eu Queira’ (‘As much as I want to’) and ‘Tu Beijas Bem’ (‘You Kiss Well’) touch on the more lighthearted and exciting aspects of love, embodying a more lively rhythm.

His work continues to evolve as he continues to amass an impressive following through his unique talent for connecting with his audience through songs of shared experiences.