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Billy’s solo acoustic show is a highly engaging walk through the most popular cover tunes, tailored to suit each audience.  When it comes to entertainment

Billy Mawer delivers!

Between the final for best vocalist in the “Battle of the Bands” early in his career, to the vocals and guitars with Handle With Care, there have been too many gigs to mention for Billy Mawer. As guitarist/vocalist in Tarquin, Billy enjoyed success with the chart hit “Summer Ladies” and “Joker”.  


Six years on the road with The Gangsters saw single and EP releases, before three years in England. A return to Oz saw a busy schedule with production shows Twist and Shout, Get Ready, and Daze Of Woodstock, through to the end of the noughties, including a gig doing backing vocals with Joe Walsh. All this has led to a repertoire of around 300 songs, many his own compositions.  


Now with the exciting and challenging
show the Wilbury Twist, it’s almost full circle, playing music from the artists that influenced his formative years.  Billy also tours with full show bands, duo/trio acts and as a solo performer in pubs and clubs throughout the eastern states.