ACT Entertainment

ACT Entertainment – Canberra’s Best Performers

The ACT (Canberra) really does have an abundance of extremely talented entertainers to choose from for basically any corporate or private event.

View our list of top ACT Entertainment Acts below:

1. Smooth Ops
2. Adam Scicluna
3. The Remnants
4. Socialites
5. Hit Parade
6. PLUMP (featuring Anthony Dellamarta from ‘The Voice’)


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Keynote Speakers Australia

What is a Keynote Speaker and Why Are They So Important?


When people hear the term keynote speaker, their thoughts are instantly drawn to individuals who are hired to compose and deliver an inspirational message to members of the business community. This is not an accurate perception, however, as the role of a keynote speaker is to capture the main essence of a specific meeting or corporate event, and express this to an audience in a short period of time. Although the message that they convey must be dictated by the nature of the event, each keynote speaker may use their own individual method of delivery. (more…)

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Motivational Speakers

The Benefits of Hiring a Motivational Speaker

As a business owner, you cannot underestimate the value of learning how to inspire and

motivate your staff. Increasingly, employees are turning away from the lure of inflated
salaries, and instead seeking positions of employment whereby they can be empowered to
play a pivotal role in effecting a corporation’s business vision. (more…)

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Darren Carr Ventriloquist Comedian

Darren Carr: Bringing Hilarious Comedy To Your Stage.

Booking entertainment for your corporate event is no longer as challenging an exercise as it once was. As today, you have a far wider range of acts and individuals to choose from

Darren Carr Ventriloquist Comedian


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Corporate Event Ideas

Ideas For Your Corporate Event


The nature of corporate entertainment has changed in recent years, thanks primarily to the increasingly demanding nature of individuals within society. Whether in the guise of consumers, employees, or corporate clients, social and technological advancements have taught individuals to expect more from the people and things around them. This is reflected in the development of new and innovative corporate event ideas, which help businesses to find the most suitable solutions to an age old business dilemma.

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Soul Mystique – Australia’s Got Talent Finalists 2012

Soul Mystique may never reveal how they do it [quick change of clothes], however their performance is absolutely breathtaking.

Featuring a world-class background in professional DanceSport with endless titles since 1996 as Paris, Belgium, & Greater London Latin DanceSport Sport Champions, Gavin & Lydia exploded onto the American theater scene in 2000. Today, they are one of the most unique magical dance acts in the world…
Soul Mystique


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